Looking for the Hottest Toys for this Christmas? We have them here. Lots of toy ideas for girls, boys, babies and of course Dad 🙂

Take a look around, there are classic toys from our childhood sure to still be winners with our kids today. Lots of high tech toys to satisfy all ages. There are great gifts for kids of all ages and interests.



Both big and little children love to play with entertaining and engaging toys. When great toys are chosen they will help in developing social and cognitive skills. As a parent it only makes sense to look for the most appropriate and interesting toys for your children, when they like them they will play with them. Child development experts suggest selecting multi-purpose toys that can help kids learn interesting and new things enhancing brain development.

Shopping for the hottest toys in our online store whether for you own child or another, means you don’t need to go the store to shop, find parking, battle crowds and hope to find what you are looking for. Different from the local store, our online shop gives you the luxury of shopping from anywhere, anytime, when you are free, late at night or during your work break. This means you can take your time to browse through our hottest toys for 2016 before making the right choice. Some of our latest toys are remote or app controlled, so not only the kids but parents love them too. Toys for children include robots, drones, helicopters, cars, building sets, dolls, dress up clothes, ride on toys and more.

Buying toys for your children is one of the most fun gifts to buy, then watching their surprise & excitement and seeing the smile on their face when they open the gift is the best thank you. As children grow up they need different types of toys at different ages. Our toddler toys are simple and easy to use and they are educational while being fun. You don’t have to look for a flashy or an expensive toy, as long as your child can use the toy and learn something new, then you have made them happy. As your kids get older, so does the complexity of the toys whether it is physically or mentally challenging, learning new skills can be fun if the toy is engaging & stimulating. Young kids are excited to receive toys such as Scooters, Pool Toys, Books, Action Figures, and Building Blocks.

What are benefits of buying toy’s online

With many so options available for children toys, it can be hard to choose the best. It can also turn out to be a mind-boggling activity. This is why most parents prefer to buy toys online. Buying a toy online can help you choose the right toy for your child by allowing you to see a variety.

Another benefit of buying toys online is that you have a great chance of choosing a multi-use toy that is durable and simple to play. We even have branded toys online such as Lego, Disney toys, Barbie dolls, and wooden blocks by great companies like Melissa & Doug. Other exciting toys for kids include remote controlled cars and boats, touch screen items, and tablets. These all will help in learning and reasoning ability of your child. Buying toys online can also help you choose toys that encourage your child to learn something new. When selecting online, you can read more about the toy before making the actual purchase.

By buying toys from us you will have a secure purchase, they will be delivered to your door and returns (for unopened items) are 30 days from delivery or Jan 31/17 if purchased after Nov 1st.

Safety tips for purchasing toys online

Do not purchase toys with a magnet for children under the age of six. This is because they pose a choking hazard. Hence, if you are purchasing toys online, make sure you are buying from a reputable store like us.

Do not buy toys with small parts or small balls for children under the age of three. Toys with small parts or small balls also pose a choking hazard. Buying online is easy and beneficial because you can easily check the manufacturer’s age recommendation and warnings indicating that the toy would or would not be safe for children under the age of three. When shopping online and you cannot find the recommended age range, do not purchase that toy for the child under the age of three.